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On the websites of dating and marriage agencies "girls from Mykolaiv" were always in high demand. Men of all age groups and colors of the skin willingly get acquainted with them and often create families, regardless of cultural and linguistic barriers. They are not deterred by rumors about the mercantile nature, explosive character and inconstancy of the female soul and believe that to have a Ukrainian wife is not only fashionable, but also very prestigious. What is the secret of such popularity of brides from Mykolaiv? One of the most frequent answers to this question is their spontaneity. Men in one voice in different languages ​​argue that a romance with a girl from Mykolaiv is an adventure that will be remembered for life. Relations with Ukrainian ladies are rich in emotions and are so vivid that men are ready to forgive whims and carry them on their hands. But this is not the only feature that is valued in women from Mykolaiv.

Femininity and beauty. And this beauty is expressed not only in physical attractiveness, but also in a special ability to demonstrate theselves. In most countries of Europe and the USA, women are not so keen on trying to please the opposite sex. Emancipated American women, Germans and Britons dress up; do their hair and makeup just on the occasion. Lady from Mykolaiv is ready to look stunning every day, spare a lot of time and energy for her appearance.

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The explosive nature of Ukrainians is equated with the hot temperament of the Italians. Why would not foreigners love Ukrainian women, if after loud quarrels with the beating of dishes they are awaited by no less violent reconciliation with passionate sex? All this makes life real, bright and full. High emotions reveal the soul and show without pretensions what the person feels at the moment. Mykolaiv girls can be sincerely upset, but not less sincere in their love. And also they are never boring.

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The next feature that appeals to men is that Ladies from Mykolaiv are always ready for adventures. They will agree to change their plans spontaneously, go on a journey to the other end of the continent, move to another country or simply go to a pizzeria in the middle of the night. Such a girl is a good companion and she is in love she will share with her beloved one all the troubles.

Good housekeeping feature is something that foreigners love about all Ukrainian women, if they are planning some kind of serious relationship.

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Slav wives have time for everything: take care of themselves, kids and a house. They will always find something to treat to unexpected guests and feed their husband, who suddenly glanced in the afternoon from work. They are able and love to care for their loved ones. At the same time, a wife from Ukraine is not a servant. She requires respect, gratitude in the form of pleasant surprises, remains an equal participant in solving important family issues. Even after years of marriage, she needs romance, dates and confessions of love and she also actively supports the sensual side of relationships.

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