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You should not be scared that our catalog of Mykolaiv Brides consists of a lot of very young 18-20 year old girls. The desire to get married early is typical for all Ukrainian women; this is a part of the national mentality. Girls under the age of 23 are like play dough; from them one can grow and raise an impeccable wife

According to official statistics 60% of Mykolaiv women get married at the age of 23-25 for the first time. This is the optimal age for marriage and in terms of both medicine and society. This is very different from the Western view of the family and marriage, but it is typical for Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union.


26-30 years old is a critical age for Ukrainian girls (their personal opinion), when loneliness is no longer a freedom, but a problem. The desire to have a family and children pushes all other issues to the background. Career, work, money is not as important as a sense of stability and confidence with a beloved one.

In 30-35 years old in Nikolaev it is difficult to find a single woman who did not have the experience of a serious relationship in the past. As a rule, she already has a child (maybe not one), and she successfully combines the role of mother and a money maker. In the routine of everyday worries, the lack of a strong male shoulder is the most acute.


36-40 years old for women (which is often called Balzac's age) is a great time to think about new relationship. Women's beauty and attraction are at this age at their peak, and the wisdom of life and the ability to understand others become the most valuable qualities of a good wife. This is an ideal option for men 50-60 years old who are thinking about a new family.

After 40 Ukrainian ladies have time and opportunity to do their own personal life, if it was not arranged before. Children have grown up and do not require constant attention, so there is an opportunity to look around in the hope of seeing "their" man with whom it will be good and comfortable to enjoy life. 40-45 years old brides are distinguished by reliability and stability in the relationship


You will be surprised but elderly 50-55 and even 60 years old women are very popular. Older men often prefer to create a family and look for the same age life partners who belong to the same one generation. The big difference in age where a bride is 20-30 years younger than a man, as a rule, does not lead to anything good.